BBIN's brand video expresses the concepts of "Next Leap" and "20th Anniversary" through the inspiration obtained from the Chinese poet Du Fu's poems.

The four scenes of the sand, the pine, the maze and the mountain are presented to narrate BBIN's transformation through many adversities, its passage to success and readiness to leap higher.

  • Sand: Pioneer to lead the trend. It depicts a small stone rolling about within a sand storm to symbolise BBIN's vision and capability of holding the key opportunities in the rapidly changing market.
  • Pine: Grow to fear for nothing. As one of the "four gentlemen" of Chinese art, the pine tree expresses the tenacity, strength and deep roots that BBIN has grown over the past 20 years.
  • Maze: Conquer the ever-changing market. A golden ball inside of a maze symbolises BBIN's audacity to deal with the obstacles and the fearless conquering in the competitive market.    
  • Mountain: Leap into the great future. It portrays the highest peak in the mountains to symbolize BBIN's leading position in guiding its global partners to the Asian market and reaching new heights.