Game Volt has launched The Arena, a new interactive experience designed to accompany F&B and leisure destinations.

The Arena

From the competitive socialisation division of ConductR, The Arena is a 25sq.m transparent platform that delivers multiple technology enhanced, fast paced experiences.

It follows Game Volt’s first product, Supercharged Shuffle, a tech-infused version of classic table shuffleboard, which has recently been rolled out to Dave & Buster’s locations across North America.

The unit supports up to eight players for anything from 10 minutes to an hour, while spectating is encouraged thanks to its fully transparent exterior.

Inside, the unit features tracking technologies that combine with immersive media, audio and tactile solutions to deliver a gaming experience. Seven interactive systems map the guest in the environment, track gameplay and automatically collate points. An interactive LED floor, interactive walls, LIDAR scanning and gesture tracking all combine to create an immersive experience.

Launching with eight games, Game Volt says The Arena will have 20 different experiences by the middle of the year.

The attraction is unattended thanks to the tracking systems and scoring, with games automatically reset following play.

Peter Cliff, CEO and founder of Game Volt, said: “The Arena is a heads up not heads down experience that brings to life engaging challenges that combine mental ability with physical agility to deliver a constantly evolving stream of repeatable experiences. The Arena may appear to be empty at first glance, but inside we have combined a series of emerging technology innovations that enable natural and intuitive gameplay for maximum fun without being distracted by the technology and minimal operator requirements.

“We believe that The Arena is the future of social gaming. It provides those Instagrammable moments and will continue to evolve with IP collaborations, new games and advancing levels to keep guests coming back for more.”

The Arena will launch first in North America at Dave & Buster’s locations thanks to a long-term partnership and initial exclusivity deal with the brand for FECs.