Spree Interactive's latest attraction is Cyber Blaster, a VR bumper car experience.


Players drive physical bumper cars while wearing a VR headset, with the real and virtual worlds synchronising. Play revolves around a sci-fi story of humans protecting their virtual world from an unknown techno virus. 

It is available as an upgrade to existing bumper car systems or as a complete turnkey solution via manufacturer IE Park Soli Car. 

“There has always been a lot of interest in our VR bumper car solution," said Jonathan Nowak Delgado, co-founder and managing director of Spree Interactive. "Many clients have been requesting a science-fiction themed game and Cyber Blaster delivers. We are delighted to bring Cyber Blaster to a number of locations over the summer months.”

The company has again gone to Pixomondo for its content development, having previously worked with the VFX studio on educational free-roam VR attraction Mission to Mars.

“Working with a studio that is known for its groundbreaking VFX work on popular sci-fi movies and TV shows guarantees highest visual quality,” said Sarah Stief, head of content at Spree Interactive. “The Pixomondo team knows our technology and always delivers above and beyond expectation.”