The SisyFox product, developed by the Germany-based interactive game specialist of the same name, has been given its latest upgrade.


The game’s Classic mode sees the players’ real-life rolling of a ball replicated on-screen by a character rolling a boulder, with Downhill mode giving players control of the boulder itself. The latter version has been given three new power-ups.

The Speed power-up accelerates the boulder to maximum speed. The Ghost power-up makes the boulder invisible to obstacles such as trees and rocks. The Shield power-up makes the boulder indestructible, allowing it to come into contact with obstacles without taking damage.

The game’s hardware consists of four major components: the base, which contains the tech, the ball itself, the wings, which hold the ball in place, and a screen, where the game plays out.

The game can be displayed on a TV screen or on walls with a projector.

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