The all-new Cloud Coaster Storm suspended coaster has been developed by Extreme Engineering.

Cloud Coaster Storm

The company said it provides double the speed and capacity with a new and improved roller coaster track and side-by-side ride vehicle so that no-one has to ride solo.

The Poseidon coaster track is designed to be more aggressive in configurations, allowing for higher speeds, sharper turns and steeper drops.

“No more riding solo,” said Phil Wilson, vice-president of the company. “Family experiences are meant to be shared. Our Cloud Coaster Storm allows for guests to ride together on the new side-by-side ride vehicle.” 

Extreme Engineering’s latest coaster uses enhanced technology from the award winning Cloud Coaster design. The all new track, ride vehicle and improved rider management system allows for a more thrilling, faster ride that provides higher capacities.  Depending on the track layout’s configuration, the Cloud Coaster Storm can take up to 700 people an hour.