FlowRider has announced its newest product that will allow guests to experience the thrill of deep-water surfing.

FlowSurf by FlowRider

FlowSurf, the company’s first deep flow stationary wave system, is inspired by river waves and will allow guests to surf using a surfboard for the first time.

Part of the WhiteWater West family and with more than 30 years of experience in the stationary wave industry, FlowRider president Marshall Myrman says that the new product takes the toughest part out of surfing.

He said: “We all live, eat, sleep, and breathe surfing at FlowRider. FlowSurf isn’t real surfing because you’re not in the ocean, and it takes out the most difficult parts of surfing.

“River waves, which FlowSurf is modeled after, provide an amazing and fun experience on a surfboard where you cut and carve a continuous deep flow wave. Surfers of all levels will be able to work on their skills and have an absolute blast on this wave.”

The team took inspiration from nature, modeling the wave after the Waimea River in Hawaii, which creates smooth waves where the river overflows into the ocean.

Eliza Dawson, design and development engineer at FlowRider, says that they recreated the effect that mangrove tree roots have on smoothing the water to combat the turbulence created by pumps.