A new portable modular mini-golf course by Adventure Golf and Sports, available in either nine or 18 holes, will be unveiled at the IAAPA Expo 2022.

edge rider

AGS has created a new type of course which allows the ball to move along a curved path, like a roller coaster or basketball, instead of relying on more standard geometric designs.

Players can putt balls that can ride along a curvilinear rubber edge, allowing the ball to travel more evenly and for longer distances without bumpy edges which allows the ball to zing from one edge to another, if hit properly.

The new Edge Rider courses are designed to be compatible with the company's interlocking panel modular system.

AGS also offers speciality courses with courses such as Return to Me and The Vortex, which also allow the ball to change direction in a similar fashion but the EdgeRider system goes well beyond this.

AGS president Scott Lundmark said: “EdgeRider makes it possible for a ball to travel the length of a hole, changing direction up to two or maybe three or four times, depending upon the speed. The proprietary extruded flexible rubber edge enables two ways for ball transfer. First with an edge mount and secondly with a centre-mount attached on a fairway or green location.”

AGS design staff say that the possibilities with Edge Rider are endless, meaning the ball can be transferred to further places during play.