Las Vegas, US, is to receive a new FEC themed on a popular YouTube series.

Spy Ninjas

Spy Ninjas HQ will open on March 9 on West Sahara Avenue in the city in a 55,000sq.ft venue.

It is the first park based on the IP which was created by Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint and has more than 44 million subscribers and 15 billion views.

The park features recording technology, meaning guests can share their experiences on the attractions with friends and family.

Attractions include a VR room, axe throwing, escape rooms, rage rooms, ropes course, climbing wall, trampoline, zip line and an arcade.

Wild Clay said: “We’re very excited to bring our YouTube adventures to fans in real life.

“Our YouTube channels have always emphasised creativity and physical activity. We have created the best possible environment for team building and bonding.”