Full Tilt Arcade & Pinball, in LaPorte, Indiana, has partnered with Semnox Solutions to ensure its day-to-day operations run smoothly.

full tilt

The arcade has a collection of 20 pinball machines plus classic favourites from over the decades for all ages.

Locally owned and operated by Ryan Hart and Ben Konowitz, pictured, Full Tilt Arcade partnered with Semnox Solutions to ensure ease in day-to-day operations at their new arcade venture.

“My business partner and I have full-time jobs outside our new arcade venture, so time management has been imperative to the success of our business,” said Ben Konowitz, owner of Full Tilt Arcade & Pinball. “Everyone at Semnox from the very first contact has been extraordinarily patient, responsive, adaptable, and thorough in answering every question and concern we've had.”

Some of the features that were implemented include RFID-based debit card systems, the LuminOS reader for “tap-to-play” functionality, a POS system, and an all-in-one kiosk with a game card dispenser. An online sales site will be implemented in the future, but it wasn’t just Semnox’s state-of-the-art technology that Full Tilt invested in.

Andrew Parow, sales partner at Semnox Solutions said, “They didn’t come to the table with a lot of specific requirements, but they came to Semnox because of its reputation for providing industry-leading support.”

Semnox Solutions prides itself on delivering world-class support with the highest value for its customers, and an integrated solution designed to streamline customer operations.

“Semnox has been especially critical in giving our business the reliable backbone of support we need so we can focus on what matters, running our business,” added Ben. “With Semnox, our card system competes and surpasses even the more prominent names in our industry.”