Intercard, a leader in cash management solutions for the amusement industry, has unveiled three new products.

“Each product is a first of its kind in the industry,” said Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard. “These product offerings are a testament to Intercard’s commitment to being a true industry innovator in developing technologies and products that improve efficiencies and boost profits for FEC operators, resulting in a more convenient and enjoyable experience for their guests.”

The iPlanner takes online scheduling to a new level. The system allows facility guests to not only make event reservations, but to book specific facility resources to customise their event. The major benefit of the system is that it recognises scheduling conflicts for those resources, such as Laser Tag vests and bowling lanes, and provides alternatives.

When guests arrive at the facility, the iPlanner produces a detailed itinerary of the event, with specific times blocked out for each activity. The iPlanner system is accessible to guests 24/7, while the iPlanner interface is customisable to any FEC. The Points for Play e-ticket payment option is a revolutionary new way for guests to pay.  No longer must guests use their points (e-tickets) awarded for playing redemption games exclusively at the redemption counter. 

With Points for Play, guests can now use these points as tender on arcade readers and elsewhere throughout the facility. Guests can just swipe their card and use their points to do everything from playing Laser Tag, to bowling, to grabbing a burger and a drink at the restaurant.

The iTeller II is Intercard’s newest automated payment kiosk. Sleeker and more compact than its big brother, iTeller, the iTeller II offers operators the most versatile and reliable payment stations on the market today. Both utilise an optional marketing scanner that allows guests to bring in a single use QR code email blast for redemption at the terminal. 

The benefit for guests is that it will no longer be necessary for them to take coupons to an employee or POS station to claim them. The benefit for operators is that the detailed reporting the kiosk provides enables them to monitor the usage and success of each promotion. Online card purchases being redeemed at the kiosks will be available in the first quarter of 2013.  

New this year on the iTeller II is an optional 23ins monitor that can replace an existing illuminated marquee. The monitor is an outstanding way to broadcast centre activities, advertisements for upcoming specials, partnerships with local vendors and other marketing initiatives.