A 19-year-old high school graduate in Genoa, Michigan, US, is opening his own commercial VR entertainment centre.

Aidyn Messerschmidt left Hartland High School less than a year ago and is now opening Galaxy VR Arcade this week in Genoa Township in a mini mall.

“VR became my reality during quarantine,” he told the Livingston Daily, a local media outlet. “I explored all avenues of virtual reality and wanted to share the experience with others. I want to provide them with entertainment. We need it now.”

A one-time avid video games player, Aidyn bought Oculus Quest VR equipment during the lockdown and his new venture has six stations with high-end equipment capable of 135 games. He plans to open at $10 for one person for 15 minutes during the week up to $100 for a one-hour slot on four stations in a multiplayer format at the weekend.