Laser tag specialist Laserforce enjoyed the best year in its 28-year history in 2015.

Laserforce players

It was a record 12 months for the business, with over 60 new projects undertaken.

“I believe our stellar company performance is a testament to our robust laser tag equipment and the best team in the industry,” said company founder Len Kelly.

Strong sales were reported in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia last year, with the likes of entertainment centre operators Scene75, Gameworks and O’Learys signing up to work with the company. Around 20 new sites are already scheduled to come online in 2016.

In 2015, Laserforce further enhanced its portfolio of laser tag features with an update to player achievements, new additions to the site, Facebook integration and beacons.

So far this year, the company has deployed two new products – LED vest racks and self-registration functionality via player kiosks. Both, it said, were developed based on customer feedback.

“Our product development cycle lets us constantly put new revenue-generating features in the hands of our operators,” said Jeff Willy, chief of global operations. “There are some very exciting things in our pipeline that we think our operators are going to love.”