The immersive equipment developer SensoryCo has released its latest scent creation device, SmXT1, designed for installation in dark rides, 4D theatres and other experiential spaces.

SensoryCo gets the scent

Bryan Roe, the company’s president and CEO, said: "We spent years of research and development focusing on the design and enhancement of new dispersion techniques for scents. Combine this technology with a goal to provide an easy integration path for set designers, experiential marketing professionals and integrators involved in simulators or 4D theatres and the result is the SmXT1.”

The device takes a number of atmospheric elements into account to spread the correct aromatic concentration in different locations.

"No two spaces are identical. Even within the same building, there can be microenvironments where conditions for scent distribution are different. The SmXT1 provides a scent platform that allows the integrator to take all of these aspects into consideration so that it can be field adjusted to adapt to these conditions,” Roe said. 

The SmXT1 can be run alongside fans for wide dispersion and comes with mounting points for rigging. The unit has options for control integration and offers variable scent output.