Semnox’s integrated business solution implemented at Fantasy Island Amusement Park, Lincolnshire, UK, has clocked up three years of providing the amusement park a platform to increase efficiency and is set to assist growth plans.

Fantasy Island

With more than 50 indoor and outdoor rides as well as over 400 arcade machines, Fantasy Island is a popular year-round destination with its guests at the park’s coastal resort location in Ingoldmells.

“Its been three years of successful business association with Semnox,” said Edward Mellors, owner of operator, Mellors Group. “Not only I am happy with the way the system is operational at Fantasy Island but also it gives me immense confidence to introduce innovative concepts and ideas in the park and in future projects. Semnox is always one step ahead in terms of technologies and their support.”

Fantasy Island currently makes use of over 30 point-of-sale machines for card/wristband sales and top-up counters, 19 self-service kiosks, 20 POS machines for F&B/merchandise sales, and over 30 digital signage displays for promotions and advertisements.

“Fantasy Island is one of the most popular and largest attractions in the UK,” said Vinayaka Kamath K, business head, Middle East and Europe at Semnox Solutions. “We are proud to have Fantasy Island as our customer and with a quality technical and operations team, it always looks to be ahead of the game with its innovative concepts.

“Running an entire arcade in electronic ticket mode, converting two-pence pushers to cashless, attractive loyalty and membership plans are just a few examples. I am proud to say that we have been able to support all its business requirements using our comprehensive cashless system.”

The facility also uses features such as mobile POS, online booking, inventory management and kitchen display screens. While a mobile micro-inventory module permits management of stock across multiple inventory locations, the mobile money deducting agents facilitate validations and deductions at rides.

With Semnox’s creative solutions such as e-ticket functionality in combination with the eZee Inventory module, Fantasy Island has been able to make its gift redemption solution automated and more efficient.