Sega Amusements International will be showing off 12 titles at the EAG expo in London next week.

Sega EAG

The company’s newest game, Bop It!, will take centre stage following its appearance at the IAAPA Expo in November. The redemption game challenges players to follow audio and visual prompts to perform actions in quick succession, just like the popular toy.

Making its European debut will be Drone Racing Genesis, which features a reclined cabinet seat and an exciting design.

Sega will also be exhibiting a number of products from American manufacturer ICE, including Dodgeball Ultimate Arena, World Pro Football and Shipwreck.

Other redemption titles on display will include Ultimate Shot, Polar Slide and Ice Walker, as well as Monopoly Roll & Go, Jumanji, Men in Black and Mission: Impossible Arcade.

Racing fans will be able to sample Storm Rider 2, a racer that features a motion-base and graphics powered by the Unreal Engine. The two-player cabinet features touchscreen lobby controls, futuristic looking bikes and a fully-lit billboard to attract players.

A two-player VR Agent will also be available for demonstration, with Sega promising that the attendant-free, coin-op VR game will allow operators to invest in confidence.

Both Sega Total Solutions and Sega Prize International will be at the stand promoting its products and services.