A significant finance deal has been introduced by Sega to help bring visitors back to arcades and FECs.

House of the Dead Scarlet

The company has teamed up with Univest Capital Inc to bring about a "buy now, pay later" offer on equipment.

Paul Williams, CEO, said: “We have been listening to operators and the challenges that they face and we wanted to help. After weeks of hard work, we are pleased to announce this new offer.

“Operators get zero per cent APR for 36 months on top of the 90 days deferred payments on our two blockbuster video games. This deal gives peace of mind when it comes to managing cash flow while helping operators invest into new attractions that will encourage players back into their locations.”

The deal is available on the House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn and Transformers Shadows Rising games. The two action-packed videos feature some of the most fun game-play missions and unique cabin designs on the market.