The Greek market is one for manufacturers to watch, according to arcade video game giant Sega.

Speaking at the Greek show GameNet last week, sales manager Martin Riley told InterGame: "We have been working with Sat Games in Greece for some time now - it used to be one of our top five markets and there is no reason why this cannot be achieved again.

"There are still issues with the law, which naturally has an effect on market conditions and until a more sensible ruling is adopted by the government, the market will be considered special in some respects.

"But there is no reason why it cannot develop into an exceptional market as the Greeks are more willing than some to accept new ideas."

Commenting on the exhibition itself, Riley said: "It is growing each year and a lot of manufacturers have woken up and seen there is a good market here. Three years ago we were the only main distributor exhibiting but that is not the case anymore."