Next Thursday the latest FEC/theatre in the Santikos Entertainment group opens at Cibolo, Texas, US. The new 87,700sq.ft venue will open to locals greeted by Star Wars and Avengers characters (cosplayers).


The location has a new pizza concept, luxury auditoriums and the very latest amusement games and attractions. The first 3,000 guests through the doors to sign up for the in-house loyalty programme will receive a custom-designed reusable Game Changer popcorn bucket that entitles $4 refills up to the end of the year.

The Cibolo venue has 12 screens with 1,482 luxury recliner seats, the latest Barco laser projection and Dolby sound, three Real-D 3D auditoriums. It also has 16 bowling lanes with four VIP models, 40 arcade games, a 3,800sq.ft split-level arena with LED lighting and Hologate virtual reality arena.