Sally Dark Rides has entered into a partnership with Cloudco Entertainment to bring a dark ride based on the Care Bears brand to venues across the world.

Sally Dark Rides Care Bears

First introduced in 1982 through products and greeting cards, before featuring in animated TV shows and films, Care Bears is a well-known brand across the world.

In the family-friendly attraction, guests board moving "Cloud Cars" and are immersed in bright and colourful environments, which are brought to life using special effects including sounds, scents, themed lighting, set pieces and animatronic characters.

Lauren Weaver, vice president of business development and marketing at Sally Dark Rides, said: “We are incredibly excited at the opportunity to bring the world of Care Bears to life by way of an immersive dark ride attraction.

“With such worldwide popularity from kids and adults alike, we see incredible potential with this nostalgic, huggable, colourful and inclusive brand. We wholeheartedly believe this family dark ride would be successful in any theme park or entertainment centre around the world.

“At Sally, we’re always looking for ways to transport guests to new places and new environments, introduce them to their favourite characters and give them an experience that they would never get at home.”