A new dark ride, The Great Humbug Adventure, is being installed at Santa’s Village, in New Hampshire, US, by the creative attractions company Sally Dark Rides of Florida.

Sally Logo

The ride is ‘newly reimagined’ by Sally, meaning the existing ride has had new features added while maintaining the popular theme. The park is now looking forward to reopening its doors to the public and introducing the ride for its 20th anniversary.

The ride has the same storyline, taking riders through Ebenezer Scrooge’s mansion, seeking out the mischievous humbugs causing him problems. It now has a pre-show queuing experience in which an animatronic Scrooge plus one humbug explains to the guests how to use the ‘giggle gadgets’ that will ‘tickle’ the humbugs to make them happy and behave.

There follows a ride through several stages of the house, with 14 different scenes encountering different humbugs in contrasting characters. There is a new targeting and scoring system to add competition to the ride that now contains seven four-passenger vehicles increasing capacity to over 500 per hour.