Ropes Courses Incorporated is planning to take advantage of the IAAPA trade show in Orlando this month to introduce a rebranding of the company.


RCI will amend the logo and company colours to celebrate 30 years of growth and innovation in the attractions industry.

The company designs and installs traditional ropes courses to provide a physical and interactive challenge for children, teenagers and adults. Now all of its aerial attractions are unique and tailored to the venue, shunning the use of cables or the need for participants to clip or unclip themselves while in the air.

The integrated safety systems ensure that each Sky Trail, Sky Tykes and Sky Rail are easy to use and require far less labour compared with similar attractions.

The name, said RCI, will remain ‘to preserve recognition and brand integrity’, with just ‘incorporated’ being added, although the initials RCI (the ‘I’ being ‘Inc.’) has been there for many years. Including ‘Incorporated’, said the company reflects the broader range of prdoucgts now offered by RCI and no longer limits use of the logo for products it manufactures.

The company is now offering a curved Sky Rail with new challenges, bold colours and individualised themes, all of which will be on display in Orlando.