Ropes Courses Incorporated has recently expanded its global reach thanks to a new partnership with Canadian adventure product supplier Challenges Unlimited.


Founded in 1988 and based primarily out of Bracebridge, Ontario, CUI specialises in challenge courses, aerial adventure parks, zip lines and climbing walls or towers. The decision to partner makes it the first official Canadian distributor of RCI’s adventure attractions.

“We have the greatest respect for RCI. Their customer service, care for the product and the care of the people behind the product have always been there from the get-go,” said Sarah Oosterhuis, general manager for CUI. “Making the decision to partner was simple for us as we see their adventure products as really having potential here in the Canadian market.”

Currently, CUI has two projects planned involving RCI attractions and installation dates have been set for this year. The two locations, both Playdium family entertainment centres, will soon be able to provide guests with indoor fun thanks to the addition of Sky Trail and Sky Rail aerial attractions. 

“CUI has proven their expertise in the Canadian adventure industry and their ability to deliver exceptional service to their clients is above par," said Jon Weston, vice president of sales and marketing for RCI. 

With a trial period of six to 12 months, RCI Global works with prospective distributors to complete projects, develop specific regional markets and learn about each other’s capabilities. 

“We're prioritising our relationships with our global partners in order to provide the best support and service to both our clients and the end-users” said Weston. “We are excited for the future and eager to form additional relationships with partners around the world.”