Sega’s newest skill-based redemption game, Power Roll, which was launched at the Amusement Expo Interational in Las Vegas, US, during March, has experienced early success.

Power Roll well received

“Power Roll is performing extremely well at all our test locations typically being one of the very top earning games. The word about this income topping performance has spread and demand is soaring beyond our expectations. We have increased our production, and new units are ‘Power Rolling’ off our production line as we speak,” said Vince Moreno, sales manager at Sega.

Power Roll features a tall, eye-catching yellow and red cabinet with attractive lighting effects. Combined with a large top header and curved see-through Perspex. The brightly lit oversized ball-shaped lever and colourful playfield, add to the attraction of this game.

Players need to pull a lever with just the right amount of force, to launch the ball up the ramp and into the bonus ticket zone. As the ball rolls up, it swings the stoppers creating a mesmerising mechanical attraction for players. There are other ticket values along the playfield so players always win tickets.