The European amusements industry is neither unprepared or uneasy about meeting close-up at the January EAG show in London, UK, said organiser Karen Cooke of Swan Events.

EAG show-floor

“We have been astonished by the level of optimism and enthusiasm for the January event," said Cooke. "Regular exhibitors have been quick to rebook their space and we are still gaining new exhibitors.

“Despite two years of disruption, suppliers and manufacturers are confirming new product launches and product enhancements. What we are seeing is way beyond resilience; it is a positivity based upon a genuine demand for new products.”

Justin Burke, of Sega, commented: “The first EAG post-pandemic, I think, will be huge. The desire for operators and suppliers to regroup, catch up socially and talk business will be very strong. It is going to be a great show.”

Sega will be showing nine new titles, including the new video redemption game Men in Black at EAG.

Additionally, Pan Amusements’ Paul Adams said: “We are experiencing a real boom since coming out of the lockdown. Orders in the UK and overseas have been coming in. In operations, we have had an exceptional year.”

Pan will show the single player Monster Mash Gallery with nine interactive targets.