US VR innovator Nomadic announced today plans for its newest location as the mixed reality company has teamed with AREA15 to roll-out their trademark experiences at the retail and entertainment complex later this year.


Founded by veterans of the film, gaming, and retail sectors, Nomadic creates video-game-like experiences that guests can physically engage with.

These unique experiences incorporate physical props, set design and environmental effects into story-driven VR content. Nomadic's first owned and operated location in Orlando quickly became one of the top three locations in the region, according to Trip Advisor.

“Nomadic is creating a new medium of immersive entertainment. Bringing this to market with a partner like AREA15, which is committed to achieving that same high level of innovation and entertainment as us, is a perfect match,” said Nomadic founder Doug Griffin. “To be paired with other ground-breaking activations is exactly why we chose Las Vegas as our next location and we know the residents and guests of this city will enjoy getting lost in these incredible adventures.”

Offering a range of live events, immersive activations and art installations, AREA 15 will serve as an ideal home to Nomadic’s Las Vegas venue. The attraction will operate two play-spaces that occupy a total of 6,000 of the 200,000sq.ft complex, located close to AREA15’s anchor tenant, the art collaborative Meow Wolf. Similar to Meow Wolf, Nomadic aims to transport its guests on journeys through shorter-form mixed-reality (virtual reality + physical engagement) experiences.

“Nomadic’s vision of being the leader for next generation, out-of-home, fully immersive VR entertainment fits perfectly with the curated collection of unique entertainment and retail businesses, artists and best-in-class live events that will find a home at AREA15,” said Winston Fisher, chief executive officer at AREA15.

Nomadic content is appropriate for participants aged 10 and older and is currently  headlined by multiple experiences created in coordination with Vertigo Games based on their best-selling Arizona Sunshine franchise. Additional experiences and partners will be announced in the coming months.