Nickelodeon and Imax Corporation have partnered to bring SlimeZone, the network's first multiplayer social virtual reality experience, to Imax VR centres globally.


Created in the Nickelodeon Entertainment Lab, SlimeZone allows up to six players to step inside the Nickelodeon virtual world, play games, watch cartoons and slime friends. The attraction debuts initially at Imax VR centres in Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto and is scheduled to launch in Shanghai, Bangkok and Manchester, UK, soon.

"Our SlimeZone partnership with Imax lets kids and families interact with Nickelodeon properties and characters by bringing them to life in new and innovative ways," said Cyma Zarghami, president, Nickelodeon Group.

"This new VR experience will also show the creative community how we are using technology to create unique forms of entertainment for all ages."

SlimeZone is a multi-player social VR experience that allows kids and families the opportunity to interact in a Nickelodeon-designed virtual world. After selecting an avatar, users of all ages can slime blast their friends with Nickelodeon's iconic green slime, play games such as ping pong and basketball, create art projects using glitter streams and colorful paint and watch Nickelodeon cartoons.

Non-virtual reality players can participate alongside their friends and family as they explore the Nickelodeon world in spectator mode, by flying a virtual drone from a device to slime players.