Two new attractions from LAI Games have been approved for operation in New Jersey, US.


The Division of Consumer Affairs Legalised Games of Chance Control Commission has certified Cosmic Tower and Dragon’s Bane redemption games for operation in the state.

Cosmic Tower is a tower climbing coin pusher with a mixture of coins and large marble “fireballs.” Guests must move their fireball through the levels of the tower as they attempt to reach the Super Bonus.

Dragon’s Bane is a three-player redemption game which is a blend of a coin pusher and video game that offers players unique challenges as they seek to defeat the dragon and claim the treasure.

The company’s vice president of sales, Chris Brady, said: “We would like to thank Scott Gilmore and the team at Betson for helping us to achieve New Jersey approval status on two of our top new games. We are confident that Cosmic Tower and Dragon’s Bane will bring excitement to guests and profits for operators in the state.”