Family owned games company Bay Tek Games has changed its name to Bay Tek Entertainment.

Name change for Bay Tek

“We’ve been in the entertainment business for a long time,” said Larry Treankler, owner and chairman of Bay Tek. “We just needed our name to catch up to where we are right now and provide direction and inspiration to where we’re going.”

Bay Tek Games was introduced to the industry in 1977 with its rolldown games, popular in carnivals and family entertainment centres across the world. Since then, it has manufactured dozens of classic game room favourites, including the globally successful Big Bass Wheel.

Since purchasing the Skee-Ball brand in 2016, Bay Tek has entered the licensing market, developing three miniature sized Skee-Ball toys ad an app, as well as a Nintendo Switch Game. It has also acquired Dimensional Branding Group, a San Francisco-based, and licensing firm that specialises in toy and interactive markets.

Bay Tek has also partnered with GamerGreen, a rewards programme that replaces traditional tickets redeemed at prize counters with virtual currency.