Paul Moriarity, well known in the gaming industry, has died in his US home on October 25 aged 69.

Moriarity, who suffered from cancer, was a familiar face in Europe, particularly during the Taito Europe days when he worked with Jack Mittel and subsequently took over the American business for the Japanese company after Mittel departed.

Michael Green of UDC, who remembers Moriarity well, commented: “Paul was one of the most helpful men in the industry and always went the extra mile if required. He did a fantastic job after Jack Mittel left Taito, and was a great ambassador for the company. Michael Kogan mentioned him many times whenever we discussed Taito USA.”

More recently, Moriarity was with World Touch Gaming, which he founded with Don Fiechter in 1995. But his experience goes back to the 1970s in the industry when he worked as an importer for Taito in the Space Invaders days. He eventually became president of Taito Software as the company became involved in the home market.

The 1995 partnership with Don Fiechter was planned to enter the US Class II market into Native Indian reservations with multigame machines.

Moriarity lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He leaves a wife, Janice, and children Darren, Sheri, Paul Jnr, Aaron and Jill, with partners and grandchildren. The funeral is due to be held on November 4 in Atlanta.