Location-based gaming company Immersive Gamebox has added a new experience, based on one of the world’s most popular video games.

Immersive Gamebox Tetris

Tetris 1991 will launch soon at the company’s 30 locations worldwide.

The first person to ever beat the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) game, Willis Gibson, and his mother have been invited to play the first game at the Immersive Gamebox location in Texas, US. Willis gained international acclaim by beating the NES version of the game, clearing 1,511 lines in just 38 minutes, a record previously only completed by artificial intelligence.

Tetris 1991 joins other licensed games such as Squid Game, Paw Patrol and Angry Birds at Immersive Gamebox.

Founder and CEO Will Dean said: “Immersive Gamebox’s mission is to build stronger communities and social bonds through gaming.

“That’s why all our games are built to be collaborative and connection building – a far cry from the isolating and often violent games currently offered by the industry.”

Commenting on the addition of Tetris 1991, Dean added: “Four decades after it was first launched, Tetris remains popular among adults and young people alike.

“Our immersive gaming version plays on the well-loved classic and promises to offer nostalgia for those around in the 90s and pure excitement for those with the pleasure of experiencing it for the first time at one of our Immersive Gamebox locations.”