A survey of IALEI members in the US shows that by far the largest majority of members do not want the proposed merger with IAAPA. IALEI is the trade association for family entertainment centres and its hierarchy is in talks with the IAAPA organisation - for amusement and theme parks - to amalgamate.

A dispute erupted when some supplier members of IALEI discovered that although they paid full subscriptions, they did not have the right to vote on the merger.

Now former IALEI president Frank Seninsky, who is against the merger, has conducted a survey of members and, from an admittedly limited response, can show that 71 per cent are not in favour of dissolving IALEI and joining IAAPA and that if the merger went through then 81 per cent would join a new organisation similar to IALEI.

Seninsky commented: "I have always stated that I thought that half of IALEI members would want to keep the organisation intact but that half would become IAAPA members. I also thought that a large majority of supplier members who have supported IALEI for many years would not like to have it dissolved. The survey shows that more than 70 per cent are fairly happy with IALEI and the attention it pays to its members."