Australia’s Job Keeper programme, designed to help businesses retain their staff during lockdowns, is finished and machine operators are struggling as a result.


Mark Schneider, president of the AMOAQ, writing in trade magazine NAMOA Collector, says the virus restrictions are continuing after 12 months. “We are told a variety of vaccines are being introduced; hopefully they will be effective. Meanwhile, lockdowns and restrictions continue to occur with Brisbane commencing yet another three-day lockdown on March 29.

“Lockdowns like this continue around the country periodically and with the Job Keeper programme now concluded the impact on some people and businesses will be severe. The reality is many businesses simply cannot continue to hold their financial breath indefinitely, especially with support like Job Keeper gone.”

Schneider points out that in the past year the industry had experienced numerous losses as some businesses close and people exit the industry. ”The tough times are not over and, unfortunately for some, the worst is yet to come.”

He urged members to take action before reaching a crisis point. “Make tough decisions and changes; the sooner you do, the more time and options you will have and that will lead you to a better outcome long term.”