Attraktion! Is set to launch a new flying theatre product at IAAPA Expo Europe.


The company will be unveiling FlyXD, a scalable product with five-seater units than can be adapted to any capacity size.

Using a five degrees of freedom system powered by a pneumatic operating system, the platform offers natural motion and a sensory experience.

A number of screen configurations are available, depending on the space available, from projection to LED and VR.

The product can also include air blasts, wind, scent and vibration to increase immersion.

Markus Beyr, CEO of Attraktion!, said: “Not everyone is able to visit the flagship theme parks, so we are always looking for ways to bring big impactful experiences to smaller spaces, to bring the magic to all audiences. FlyXD delivers at every immersive level, presenting a high-ticket experience but at a fraction of the capital expenditure.

“Our scalable design is adaptable for all environments whether you are in a theme park or a shopping mall and includes the entire infrastructure; from the queue to the pre-show, post-show and merchandise areas, ensuring that all guests will have a seamless and unforgettable experience.”