Andamiro has announced its latest product, SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom.

Andamiro's newest product, SpongeBob Pirates of Bikini Bottom

Now available for arcades and FECs across the USA, the quick-fire ball pusher uses Nickelodeon’s famous under-sea characters.

The game integrates character cards, plastic chips, video gameplay and ball pusher mechanics to create numerous ways to win tickets.

Chips are RFID tagged and the cabinet is equipped with two validators to redeem the tickets.

Players are tasked with shooting balls into a moving treasure chest. A successful shot triggers a video sequence and adds a bubble to the bubble meter. After 10 successful shots the bubble meter is full and the pirate prize wheel spins on the display, offering prizes including bonus tickets, cards, chips and balls, as well as the 500-ticket Big Win dividend.

The in-game card series contains nine separate cards featuring famous SpongeBob characters. Players who collect all nine cards win a Super Bonus.

Pirates of Bikini Bottom is Andamiro's sixth SpongeBob arcade adaptation, replacing the recently retired SpongeBob Pineapple Arcade, the company’s bestselling game and one of industry’s top-earning coin and card pushers.

Andamiro USA president Drew Maniscalco said: “The key to a successful SpongeBob adaptation, however, is the game itself must be compelling on its own and we believe Pirates of Bikini Bottom is the most innovative pusher-style concept to hit the market.”