The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions has revealed that member visitor figures went up by 5.59 per cent last year across the UK.

Attractions in Scotland saw the biggest increase in 2019, rising 10.41 per cent, while the most visited attraction in the UK was the British Museum, with 6.24 million visits in total.

Over 70 million people visited London attractions, an increase of 4.15 per cent. Each of the UK’s top 10 attractions are located in the city.

Overall, 144,969,157 visits were made to the top 266 ALVA sites in the UK, compared to 138,823,297 visits in 2018. 

Bernard Donoghue, director of ALVA, said: “The UK's leading visitor attractions had a great 2019 largely due to a record number of overseas visitors to the UK, more UK residents holidaying at home and re-discovering the wealth of collections, places and experiences we have, and some blockbuster exhibitions.

“These figures also show the importance of tourism to local, regional and national economies and the vast number of jobs tourism creates and supports in every constituency in the UK. All of the staff at attractions, whether paid or volunteers, front or back of house, not only create jobs and economic growth, they also create the backdrop for peoples' happiest memories."