Belgium-based interactive attractions expert Alterface has partnered with Jora Vision, the design and production specialist, to bring a new dark ride to the Legendia theme park in Silesia, Poland.


The new attraction, titled Bazyliszek, will be part of the recently rebranded Legendia theme park (formerly Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko).

Alterface is overseeing the total ride experience as main contractor for the attraction, applying its latest interactive technology including video mapping, show control and shooting devices. Jora Vision is devising the décor.

Ben Cornet, founder and CEO of Alterface, said: “We will truly enjoy crafting this new ride and fascinating story with our trusted partners. Based on Polish legends, we are reflecting the folkloric spirit to immerse visitors in a true experience. It’s always a great challenge and pleasure to incorporate our technology into a ride, making sure it is not visible for the guests so they can fully enjoy the story and scenery.

“Our signature show control software Salto! operates behind the scenes and manages the entire attraction. It registers all moves and orchestrates lighting and sound, the shooting system and vehicles, as well as animatronics and photo capturing.”

Entering the headquarters of the Monster Hunters Guild, guests drive through an ancient village, dark caves, magical forests and ruins to fight all kinds of creatures. At the end of their journey, they finally reach the Basilisk. During the tour, guests use their Monster Hunter Gun, an Alterface-designed weapon using special light and mirror technology for special effects.

“The story of the Bazyliszek attraction is based on authentic Polish
folklore”, added Simeon van Tellingen, creative director at Jora
Vision. “Guests will get a specific task in the queue and pre-show and finally board a vehicle to make an exciting journey through the magical forests of Poland. Trees and plants come to life and take all kinds of forms and shapes, aligning the scenery with the story and enhancing the ride experience.”

Bazyliszek is set to open in 2018.