ICE London 2019 to set to change for the better in a number of ways


As early as November last year, ICE London was already aware that its 2019 installation was going to be its biggest one yet. The show’s organiser Clarion Gaming reported that the booked floor space in the coming show, due to be held at ExCeL London from February 5-7, is up from 43,500sq.m to 45,500sq.m, a rise of nearly five per cent.

Kate Chambers, managing director of Clarion Gaming, said: “It’s important to stress this isn’t a one-off increase in demand for space, but part of a trend which stretches back to 2012, when the show floor comprised 22,500sq.m. Since then, ICE London has grown year-on-year and is now more than twice its 2012 size, a remarkable feat when you consider the level of merger and acquisition activity that’s taken place in the industry over that period.”

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