FetchRev, an automated marketing platform that generates foot traffic for local businesses by delivering targeted promotions to consumers, has announced a new brand name, logo, and imminent launch of an entirely new platform.

Hownd Willey

FetchRev will become Hownd when it officially transfers its brand later this year. According to a statement, the rebrand is more than just a name change.

For merchants, Hownd will soon include a set of features that empowers them to find and retrieve effortless foot traffic from existing and new customers at times when they're most likely to convert, all via a “zero-risk” pay per visit pricing model. The result for merchants can be more customer visits, more profitable revenue and an increase in average spending from each customer visit.

For consumers, a mobile app called MyHownd will soon be available that delivers "buy now" and coupon promotions for a variety of nearby leisure, dining, and health and beauty experiences.

"We're unleashing the power of the next evolution in tech-enabled retail impulse marketing that, for the first time, effectively serves the needs of both retail merchants and consumers," said Brandon Willey (pictured), founder and CEO of FetchRev. "With the launch of our new Hownd brand, logo, MyHownd app and an easy, risk-free option for merchants, we're doubling down on an opportunity that has eluded both merchants and consumers for far too long. Hownd is directly in line with the company's long-standing mission to support the dream of business ownership."

"Running a retail business, especially those in the family entertainment, food and beverage and health and beauty markets, is hard and too many struggle or fail unnecessarily," said Willey. "The marketing tools these owners and operators may have been using require way too much of their time, effort and money, and are focused on generating marketing activity, not on delivering the bottom-line results merchants need to survive and grow."