Age verification will take centre-stage for Innovative Technology as the company exhibits at the ACOS show at London’s Olympia on October 1 and 2.


The Spectral technology is at the heart of the company’s product to pinpoint the age of people entering gaming establishments, said Andy Bullock, senior business development manager. “We are looking forward to showing our new automated age verification unit, ICE. It will offer instant age verification and can help combat under-age gambling and help operator comply with gambling regulations.”

Under-age gambling, he said, is a social issue. Bullock pointed to a new UK survey by the Gambling Commission that found as many as 89 per cent of UK pubs failed to prevent children from accessing 18+ gaming machines. ICU has a 96 per cent success rate in detecting under-18s. It does not need customer pre-registration or human intervention. “We plan to show visitors some clever, unreleased features that will benefit gaming significantly,” he said.

The company will also feature its NV9 Spectral note handling device to which a compatible note float module can now be added.