Clarification has come on the subject of age verification for gambling machine players in UK pubs.


The Gambling Commission has said that it will demand that all locations should operate age verification systems from later this year, but questions remained over pubs and Category C machines.

We are grateful to George McGregor, Bacta’s communications director, for responding to a question on the subject. He told us: “The announcement and the changes don’t cover alcohol licensed premises, as the commission doesn’t licence them.

"The extension only covers betting, bingo and arcades (both AGCs and FECs) premises. All casinos have to carry out testing anyway.”

He continued: “We are aware that the British Beer and Pub Association and UK Hospitality carry out age verification for access to gaming machines in pubs.

"That is something that Bacta has encouraged but it isn’t affected by this recent announcement.” The new rules are to come into operation from August 30 this year.