The Grand Casino of La Mancha in Illescas, Toledo, Spain had added Might Hammer by Zitro, hosted on the Allure Glare cabinet, to its gaming floor.

Zitro Mighty Hammer

“Once again, we’ve chosen to partners with Zitro and include their latest addition,” said Jose Luis Morencia of the Casino Castilla La Mancha. “The introduction of Mighty Hammer in our casino has been received with great enthusiasm by our customers, who appreciate its graphics and innovative gameplay.”

Jaime Aníbal-Álvarez, director of casinos at Zitro added: “With the addition of Mighty Hammer, the players at the Casino de Illescas will experience the irresistible power of the hammer and create unforgettable moments in every game.

“The presence of Mighty Hammer at the Grand Casino of La Mancha is a testament to Zitro’s and the Ballesteros Group’s commitment to providing unique experiences to their customers. We anticipate great success for this multi-game in Illescas, as it already has worldwide.”