eQube Gaming has announced the arrival of The Tringos, the latest advancement within its bingo operations.


The Tringos are unique characters created and registered by eQube to enhance and add a new dimension to the bingo experience. Each Tringo has its own storyline and these characters are currently under production so eQube can reach its goal of Tringo characters for 75, 80 and 90 number bingo. 

“One of our initial partners in The Tringo programme is Dab-O-Ink, one of the leading global manufacturers of high-quality bingo markers,” says the company. The Dab-O-Ink strategy involves four of The Tringo characters, one on each of a four marker set, with a limited edition run for each of the markers’ group of four characters. The subsequent Tringo marker editions for Dab-O-Ink will have four new characters released each quarter until the entire collectible set is eventually released to the public.

“eQube has always been proud of our innovative approach to the bingo industry and we believe our Tringo programme is another creative way for us to enhance the bingo experience.”

eQube is a leading provider of electronic bingo systems for land-based gaming operators in commercial and charitable gaming facilities. It has the majority market share in the Canadian regulated bingo market, as well as the Irish market, and operates the linked bingo games in Alberta and Ireland.

Current solutions, consisting of commercial ebingo, linked wide-area bingo, traditional bingo and automated bingo style electronic games are complemented by enterprise class accounting and back office reporting combined with open platform customer management data tools.

eQube's platform provides new and enhanced revenue channels by enhancing the experience, environment and service to its clients’ customers. eQube has been offering its ebingo and related gaming solutions to commercial, tribal, regulatory and charitable customers worldwide since its inception in 1999.