War-torn Ukraine still has an active casino market, reports Anton Kuchukhidze, chairman of the Ukraine Gambling Council in a report from SBC News.


Kuchukhidze said his council had resumed its regulatory role five months after the Russian invasion. The market place remained very disrupted, notably in the occupied east of the country, but the council is committed to restoring an active gambling market.

It had reopened, he said, in common with other businesses in the country, especially in the west where there is less conflict. 

“Both casinos and slot machine halls function there, but obviously the flow of tourists has fallen and, according to the law, casinos and slot machines can only be located in hotels,” Kuchukhidze said.

“We recognise that because of the war, not many tourists are ready to visit us. Therefore, the number of visitors to gambling halls also decreased significantly.”

He said that KRAIL, the Ukraine Gambling and Lotteries Council, the market regulator, remains the bridge between the industry and the state.