The UK Gambling Commission has confirmed that it will publish a third white paper consultation focusing “entirely” on the land-based sector this summer.

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The regulator’s chief executive Andrew Rhodes has also revealed that the next round of consultation responses will “likely” be published in the summer.

However, speaking at the Bingo Association AGM 2024 on Thursday, Rhodes said the work is “not operating in a vacuum” and so “exact timings will to some extent be dependent on other work elsewhere.”

Indeed, the UK government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is taking the lead on some of the white paper proposals as opposed to the Gambling Commission, which it is sponsoring to consult on other areas.

Rhodes, noting that the DCMS is “fully responsible” for putting together the statutory levy for research, education and prevention on gambling harms, he said the Commission is “committed to working with Government, operators and everyone in the Research, Treatment and Prevention sectors to make this work.”

“When government sets out the timetable for the introduction of the levy everyone will need to pull together to get it established,” he said.

“It will be important to provide certainty for the people up and down the country who rely on those services as well as for the organisations and charities that provide them.”