The UK Gambling Commission’s chairman, William Moyes, set out his organisation’s three-year mission to "treat the consumer more fairly" in the Annual Report issued yesterday.

Moyes said that there are five strategic priorities: protect the interests of consumers; prevent harm to consumers; raise standards; optimise returns to good causes from lotteries; and improve the manner of regulation.

He said that the Commission will work with other interested parties and organisations to achieve each of the five objectives in the time-span. Much of the detail has already been published, but Moyes specifically mentions the statutory levy on the industry to fund research, education and treatment.

Moyes also says: “Companies also need to use the extensive data they hold to understand how to identify players who are developing gambling behaviour that is likely to become problematic and how to help them change before their problem becomes unmanageable. This includes the designers of gambling products as well as the operators.”