Rumotel has been charged by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission for alleged failures to have YourPlay available at its Tower Hotel.


Located in Hawthorn East, the Tower Hotel received 34 charges of alleged failures to have the mandatory technology functioning on its electronic gaming machines and on the related YourPlay kiosk.

An extra charge related to an alleged failure by the Tower Hotel to ensure staff had completed compulsory training. The 35 charges could attract a maximum fine of AU$758,172.

YourPlay is optional for players, but it is mandatory for venues to have it installed and available. It allows players to set time and spend limits to stay in control of their play.

“Any venue operator that fails to provide players with the ability to set time and spend limits through the YourPlay system is in breach of a key legal obligation aimed at protecting the community from gambling harm,” said VGCCC CEO Annette Kimmitt AM.

“We are actively monitoring venue compliance with the requirement to have YourPlay available on all electronic gaming machines and will pursue those that opportunistically or deliberately contravene their obligations.”

The venue was directed to stop operating gaming machines entirely until it rectified the matter.