Of the four remaining Italian casinos – Campione closed last July – San Remo is performing best, according to an analysis from Gioconews.

In March, San Remo had a turnover of €3.5m, up 7.37 per cent, although footfall was down 5.32 per cent at 14,940. Slots performed best with revenues of €2.86m, up 9.01 per cent, while French roulette grew 2.8 per cent to €218,237. American roulette was down 3.83 per cent to €121,117.

Those figures push the San Remo performance for the first quarter of the year to €10.9m, up 3.81 per cent.

At St Vincent, the positive trends at the Valle d’Aosta continued in March. The casino’s revenues were €5.05m, up 4.12 per cent, and footfall was up 8.12 per cent. The table games’ revenue fell 6.23 per cent. Slots collected €3.08m, up 12 per cent. The quarter showed revenues of €14.89m, up 7.08 per cent.

Venezia is still going through turmoil with unions over a new corporate labour contract. Revenue, after two difficult months, has started to recover, with the two locations Ca’ Vendramin Calegi and Ca’ Noghera collecting €8.78m, up 0.22 per cent. Slots showed a major improvement at €5.09m, up 7.95 per cent, and footfall is growing. At 63,917 or 8.87 per cent more. For the quarter total revenues stood at €24m, down 6.09 per cent.