The Aland gaming company Paf has been named the gaming industry's most socially responsible operator.

“We are extremely proud of this award and we see it as an acknowledgment of the fact that Paf is the industry leader in responsible gaming and social responsibility,” said Anders Ingves, CEO of Paf.

“Responsibility is something that permeates our entire business. We believe that responsibility is something that creates long-term customer relationships and loyalty among our players.”

In August this year Paf raised responsible gaming to senior management level when the management team was expanded to include the responsible gaming expert Daniela Johansson. The purpose of raising responsibility to this level of management is to ensure that responsible gaming and social responsibility is a priority in Paf’s business decisions.

“The award shows that we are on the right track. But we will not stop here. We always want and believe that we can be even better. So we will continue to work to create an even safer, more responsible and enjoyable gaming environment,” said Johansson.

The award was made at the eGaming Review Operator Awards in London on November 24.