Harrah’s Northern California has become the first casino in the US to offer Hotseat Lotto’s HotSeat Jackpot.

Harrah's Northern California

The game challenges players to wager against each other with bets ranging from US$1 to $100 for a chance to win a jackpot every hour.

The game was made to address the issue of hot seat games and promotions being too infrequent and inconvenient for many players. HotSeat Jackpot, meanwhile, ensures each gaming table has a tablet linked with all the other tables throughout the casino floor.

Once an hour, the tablet chimes signaling that a 4-minute betting window will open. Players may wager from $1 to $100, with each dollar representing an entry into the drawing. During the betting window, players can see the actual amount of the jackpot as it grows from additional wagers by fellow players. When the betting window closes, the game randomly selects a winner and the screen flashes across all tables announcing the lucky winner and the size of the jackpot.

“We couldn’t imagine a better partner than Harrah’s Northern California to debut our cutting-edge community-based hot seat gaming product here in the United States,” said Lance Lietzau, CEO of HotSeat Lotto.

“We’ve realised international success with a dozen properties in Mexico currently offering our revolutionary HotSeat game. The experience gained in rolling out both our single casino as well as wide area progressive system, which allows multiple casinos under the same brand to link players across multiple properties, has ensured a seamless launch for guests at Harrah’s.”