The slot models G55J1 VIP, G50C Up, G50J2 Up and St from EGT’s General series have changed their status “coming soon” to “in production” after arousing serious interest in the industry and becoming the subject of many pre-orders.


The first deliveries will be for customers from Bulgaria, Croatia, St Marten and North Cyprus with more to follow for other regions. “Since the cabinets’ debut at the ICE show in London last February and the strongly positive initial feedback from our potential customers we decided to accelerate the machines’ time to market,” said Stanislav Stanev, sales and marketing director at EGT.

“Our industry slowly begins to recover and EGT remains true to its core value to give more to both operators and players. So it is the right moment to launch our most advanced General series new models. I am confident that they will be able to unfold their potential and to play an important role for the sector’s stability and long-term growth.”